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Exploration with RusticLet's go to some great places with the explorers of ARDOR Bike.


Shin-si-modo, Incheon

With the invigorating spring rain, it marks the beginning of the adventure.
The beginning of the beginners boldly embarks on an expedition with Rustic on the journey of the suburban island, Cincinnati.

Chungju I, North Chungcheong

Recording is fun when summer begins.
Beginners now go on an expedition to a place called the Holy Land of K Grabliding to learn various courses.


Chungju II, North Chungcheong

Summer is beginning. They are burning, too.
Beginners came here again to take revenge on their last adventure defeat.


Chuncheon, Gangwon

It's good to ride a bike in early summer, and you should enjoy the season.
Friends who have adapted to gravitating head to where the festival of gravitating is held.


Daecheong Lake, South Chungcheong

We have to overcome the fierce heat in the middle of summer when the warm heat prevails.
With Rustic, which can overcome various roads, friends head to a place famous for lakeside on-road riding.


Chungju III, North Chungcheong

A Very Hot Summer! You should be able to enjoy your time without getting tired.
We head to a place where you can enjoy riding while looking at the scenery in Chungju, the holy place of K-graveling.



It's time! Jeju, the southernmost natural resort in Korea!
Exploring hidden paths, wonderful oreum, well-preserved natural environment, and natural fortresses to Jeju is off.


No-eul campsite

Rustic Transforms for Travel! Autumn is getting deeper and deeper, and adventurers are now getting ready to travel with bicycles to enjoy the beautiful scenery more, even if the rain welcomes them.



Let's Go! The adventurers headed to Deokjeokdo Island, a camping site in the West Sea. What other interesting stories does the island bring to the adventurers? It was an untimely blizzard that welcomed them!


Ho-myung Mountain

Winter is approaching. The adventurers prepared for Far Eastern camping practice, and headed to the pinewood campground in the famous nearby Homyeongsan Mountain. The adventurers' nights are getting deeper and deeper.


Pack Rafting

When it comes to extreme adventure adventurers, water is a must. With the combination of roustics and rafting boats, adventurers train for a wider variety of adventures.



"Shoot Me" is the famous line from an old movie. We arrived for grab bike camping in the historic city of Silmido, but the winter campsites closed down, so we hurriedly searched. You'll find Muido Serengeti, one of the three backpacking sites nearby. You can go there by bike. If they're... Extreme Adventure Go!



If you want to travel to a quiet island, there are two answers. A little farther or a little less well-known. The longer it takes to arrive from Seoul, the more likely it is to relax the more unfamiliar the name is. If you want to avoid the bustle of a summer resort, you can read Nakwoldo Island as "paradise Island" as an island where tourists do not have hands on it. Adventurers are going far away now.



The road with the lives of the islanders. It is said to have been called Gaedo, meaning that it has small islands around it. Or it is said that Bonghwasan Mountain and Cheonjebong Peak looked like two ears of a dog, so it was called Gaeseom Island. The temperature is mild and camellia trees are lush, forming a southern landscape.

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